It’s Out!!

We’ve made it to release day-May 6th! Time moves quickly and we’ve finally reached the date when our 2 disc HOUSE OF GVSB reissue has been sent out! We are pretty proud of this record for a number of reasons. One: it’s on Blue, Yellow and Black vinyl and looks great. We had a bit of a struggle to get to the finish line because all of the printing backlogs but we made it! Two: This record combines both the original studio recording of HOUSE OF GVSB and a ton of our b-sides and limited releases for a few years into one place.
You can get it here or at your local record store or on amazon.
Here’s the track listing:
Click Click
Crash 17 (X-Rated Car)
*Disco Six Six Six*
Life in Pink
*Vera Cruz*
Cash Machine
Zodiac Love Team

Sharkmeat (Bulletproof Cupid 7″ b-side)
My Funny Valentine (Grass Sampler)
Sexy Sam (7″)
I’m From France
Man Ray of Love
Magattraction (Jabberjaw Compilation)
Red Bar (Enragez Vous Compilation)
If Glamour Is Dead (Superfire EP)
Viva Roma Star
Your Life to Slide**(unreleased)
Distracted RVS #7 (Disco 666 EP)
Do It Like Diamonds
Black Leather
Keep Yr Pants On