It’s Out!!

We’ve made it to release day-May 6th! Time moves quickly and we’ve finally reached the date when our 2 disc HOUSE OF GVSB reissue has been sent out! We are pretty proud of this record for a number of reasons. One: it’s on Blue, Yellow and Black vinyl and looks great. We had a bit of a struggle to get to the finish line because all of the printing backlogs but we made it! Two: This record combines both the original studio recording of HOUSE OF GVSB and a ton of our b-sides and limited releases for a few years into one place.
You can get it here or at your local record store or on amazon.
Here’s the track listing:
Click Click
Crash 17 (X-Rated Car)
*Disco Six Six Six*
Life in Pink
*Vera Cruz*
Cash Machine
Zodiac Love Team

Sharkmeat (Bulletproof Cupid 7″ b-side)
My Funny Valentine (Grass Sampler)
Sexy Sam (7″)
I’m From France
Man Ray of Love
Magattraction (Jabberjaw Compilation)
Red Bar (Enragez Vous Compilation)
If Glamour Is Dead (Superfire EP)
Viva Roma Star
Your Life to Slide**(unreleased)
Distracted RVS #7 (Disco 666 EP)
Do It Like Diamonds
Black Leather
Keep Yr Pants On

House of GVSB 25th Anniversary Reissue

After a long slog with the supply chain, our remastered 1996 album House of GVSB is being reissued on Blue, Yellow and Black vinyl. It will be out on May 6, 2022. You can get the limited edition Blue version with a special t-shirt at this link:

The yellow vinyl is available as a US only indie record stores version and the black & blue vinyl without the shirt is available here:

GIRLS AGAINST BOYS House of GVSB (25th Anniversary Edition) 2XLP

Rescheduled House of GVSB 25th Anniversary Dates

After much discussion, we’ve decided to postpone our GVSB shows in February until October 2022. The omicron surge really messed things up for us. In addition to the safety concerns, we also can’t imagine touring in a situation where we can’t hang out with our friends and fans, especially when one of the main points is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of House of GVSB. We’re especially sorry for anyone who has made travel plans to come to any of the shows.

All tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled October dates so hang on to them. Or if you can’t make the change, refunds will be available at point of purchase.

To our fans in Milwaukee and Philadelphia, unfortunately we were unable to coordinate new dates so these shows will be cancelled and your tickets will be refunded.

Additionally we are able to add a show in San Diego at the Casbah on October 8th.
Be well and we hope to see you in full, this October!

Girls Against Boys

House of GVSB Reissue

Big News!


We’ve noticed that our 3rd Touch and Go release, House of GVSB, has become a little difficult to find. We are excited to announce Touch and Go is reissuing this record soon.

We’ll have a lot more details on what it entails but it will be more than the original record. This release will include a lot of tracks that have been hard to find and some of which have never seen the light of day.

We were hoping to have it out earlier, since 2021 is technically the 25th anniversary of the release of House of GVSB. Like just about everyone else, we’ve run up against tons of competition for space on the printing presses. We are in line like every other band/record company in the world.

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House of GVSB Anniversary Tour

House of GVSB Anniversary Tour


It’s the 25th Anniversary of House of GVSB, our 3rd release on Touch and Go Records and we are going to play some shows to celebrate. We’ve set up dates in February 2022 in the following cities:

Milwaukee, Chicago, Brooklyn, Washington D.C., Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles.

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Brainiac Documentary Show

Brianiac Documentary Release Party



Eric Mahoney has completed work on his documentary about our friends, seminal noise space time flux geniuses Briainiac from Dayton, OH. The documentary is called Brianiac: Transmissions After Zero and it’s fantastic. We all used it as an excuse to get together and play. It was great to see everyone and play some of these great old songs.

The cast of rowdy characters included Syd Butler (Les Savy Fav), Marnie Stern, Seth Jabour (Les Savy Fav), Matt Schulz (Holy Fuck, SAVAK), Gregg Foreman (Delta 72), Melissa Auf der Maur (Hole), Travis Morrison (Dismemberment Plan), Peter Aaron (Chrome Cranks), Charles Bissell (The Wrens), and surviving Brainiac members John Schmersal, Juan Monasterio, Tyler Trent and Michelle Bodine. SAVAK started the show off with a bang.


Scott’s 50th Birthday at the Lucerna in Prague

Scott’s Big Birthday Party


We had a great time in Prague in November celebrating Scott’s 50th Birthday. We used this as a fun excuse to play with every band that Scott has been in, more or less. He’s been around the block a few times but still looks pretty ok.

The sets at the beautiful Lucerna in downtown Prague started with Paramount Styles (his band with Alexis and others), Soulside (his first punk rock band from Washington DC) and then Girls Against Boys.


Our friend Bernie was there to film it and he has comped a bunch of the footage together. You can watch some of it here:

Paramount Styles:

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Riot Fest in Chicago and Sound on Sound Festival in Austin

Riot Fest in Chicago, Sound on Sound in Austin



We got invited to head out to Chicago to play Riot Fest and then down to Austin to play the new Sound on Sound festival. It was an odd one as we trudged out to the fields of Chicago to play in the middle of the day on Friday. Luckily we saw a bunch of friends on their lunch hour and we got to see a bunch of cool bands that day. Watching the Specials from the stage was one of the high points because they are still god damn great.

In Austin, we headed out to the magic haunted fairgrounds and hit the stage with the fab.ulous Metz, and got to see Youth of Today and Beach House and a Deer band and a bunch of other talented folks. It was all around magical in the abandoned magical amusement park.


The Ghost List-a new EP

The Ghost List



We managed to get into the studio right in the beginning of the year and recorded about 5 songs. Our friends at Epitonic have put it out and it all looks and sounds damn good. You can get it at Epitonic Bandcamp though supplies are limited.

The EP includes

It’s a Diamond Life
Fade Out
60 is Greater than 15
Let’s Get Killed